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Australian Syngas Association Inc

The ASA represents a group of Australian companies involved with underground coal gasification (UCG), gas to liquid (GTL) and coal to liquid (CTL) technologies who see the very real concerns for future oil supplies in this country and how crucially they are linked to the economy.

ASA strives to provide strong representation and education about the benefits of the synthetic gas industry to government and the community.

Our role

ASA’s role is to support the Syngas Industry in Australia by:

  • Educating our stakeholders about the benefits of Syngas for Australia’s energy independence;
  • Building strong community and stakeholder support for Syngas Industry’s social licence to operate; and
  • Promoting a world-class regulatory environment.

Did you know?

  • The UCG process that produces Syngas, was developed more than 50 years ago.
  • Syngas can be produced from ‘stranded’ coal deposits that were previously considered uneconomic.
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